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There are several types of Toilet Suites available for purchase and installation such as:

Linked Toilet Suites:

The traditional Australian Toilet Suite commonly found in older homes and outhouses.
They have an adjustable set-out option that suits most 100mm drain pipe locations in existing Bathrooms, Powder rooms and Outhouses.
They have a flush pipe connection between cistern and the toilet bowl (Pan)
Highly recommended for practicality, cost and swap overs.

Close Coupled Toilet Suites:

This Toilet Suite has the cistern bolted directly onto the Toilet Bowl.
The set-out is not very flexible and the Suite is not normally suitable for a Cosmetic Makeover but rather a Complete Renovation or New home.

Back To Wall Toilet Suites:

The Cistern bolts directly onto the toilet bowl and both cistern and bowl finish flush with the rear wall.
May be suitable for a swap over (Cosmetic Makeover) but more suitable for Renovations or new homes.

Floor Or Wall Hung Toilet With Concealed Cistern:

Can be timely and costly for Installation and Repairs.
Suitable for complete Plumbing Renovations and New Homes.

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