Open faucet in the sink

Leaking Shower

A Leaking Shower and Dripping Taps can waste many litres of water a day and cost you dearly on your next Water Usage Bill.
DIY repairs Are Not Recommended as often the “Weekend Warrior” can cause more problems due to their lack of knowledge and training.

This can then cause arguments between family and friends.
The cost of what could have been a minor repair with a Licenced Plumber can result in a complete Kitchen, Laundry and Bathroom Makeover due to their Handyman “She’ll be right” attitude.

Contact Bingham Plumbing and Gas on 0439 963 066 to arrange an appointment for your faucet repairs or new installations.

We can repair and install Washer Style Taps, Ceramic Disc and Mixer Taps.
We carry a range of Tapware on our vehicles for those emergency plumber calls.

We are available for Tap Repairs and Servicing in Perth Suburbs including Lynwood, Ferndale, Wilson and Riverton.