Hot Water Heaters

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We Service and Repair Hot Water Heaters, Install New Hot Water Heaters and we install Hot Water Heater Emergency Changeovers.
We recommend for Emergency Hot Water Heater Installations to have like for like Installation for practicality and cost effectiveness in the majority of cases.

When there is no hot water and your tush is cold, who you going to call? Bingham Plumbing
We are Experts in Hot Water across Perth

Bingham Plumbing recommends Hot Water Heater maintenance and repairs every 4-5 years to pro-long the life of your hot water unit.
As part of your 4-5 year service on Storage Hot Water Heaters it is highly advisable to have Bingham Plumbing and Gas replace the sacrificial anode on your water heater to prolong the life expectancy of your Water Heater.

A Sacrificial Anode is a highly active metal rod used to prevent a less active material surface from corroding.
In layman’s terms it protects your storage hot water heater tank so it doesn’t leak water and you don’t end up with an unexpected Plumbers bill on a long weekend.

Bosch 10p Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters are very common with Perth’s Rental Properties. We recommend all Real Estate Property Managers, Home Owners and Businesses to contact Bingham Plumbing and Gas to service and replace Bosch parts that may cause hot water temperature fluctuations resulting in safety, inconvenient situations and circumstances for You, Your Clients and Staff.

Contact Bingham Plumbing and Gas on 0439 963 066 for all your Hot Water Maintenance, Repairs and Installations.

We are the Hot Water Specialists in Western Australia, The Plumbing and Gas Guys you want to have Installing your Water Heater in the Perth Local Areas including Hilton, Leeming, Bull creek, Attadale and Myaree.

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